Metalcast Group’s excellence in the field of aluminum die casting comes from the synergy of our staff’s expertise, the quality of the raw materials employed, and the efficiency of our extensive machine fleet.

Examples of die cast parts produced

Aluminium alloys

Metalcast Group specializes in die casting all types of certified aluminum alloys. In addition to the most common alloys (EN AB-43400, EN AB-44300, EN AB-46000, EN AB-46100, and EN AB-47100), we use special alloys, like Silafont 36. All the molten aluminum in the central melting furnaces undergoes degassing and deslagging with nitrogen and salts.

  • Standard alloys
    • EN AB-43400
    • EN AB-44300
    • EN AB-46000
    • EN AB-46100
    • EN AB-47100
  • Special alloys
    • SILAFONT 36

Machine fleet

Thanks to our network of partners, we rely on an extensive machine fleet able to meet any demand: from small (150 tons) to large (2000 tons) presses, for casts ranging from 50 g up to 16 kg.



Min. closing force



Max. closing force



Min. cast weight



Max. cast weight

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