Metalcast Group employs capable, expert professional staff to ensure the company’s know-how, cutting-edge technology, quality and dependability.

  • Bolstering product industrialization

    Feasibility analysis for construction through the technology chosen for a product, design, simulation, and testing are all vital steps. They are the initial parameters that highlight the real product costs and how the variables (construction technique, materials, finishes, etc.) really affect the final price.
    Our team helps our customers with product development and provides the necessary tools with feasibility assessments and proposals for improvement of the industrialization process.

  • Design

    To achieve customers’ expectations in terms of compliance and quality, the basic step is the design of the die-casting and blanking dies, as well as the tooling for processing the castings, must be excellent.
    Design activities are performed using the latest generation CAD software. Parts can be produced virtually, allowing for quality, performance and costs to be verified. If the virtual quality control does not show the piece to be compliant, the drawing, material, tooling and process parameters can be modified to resolve any issues.







Filling simulation and cast behaviour studies performed with Magmasoft are a valid tool that the Metalcast Group professional staff uses to qualify the dies and check the cast quality through an approach aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing benefits.

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