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About us

With decades of experience in the filed of aluminum die casting, Metalcast Group applies our extensive experience to serve our customers, from die construction through supply of the machined, inspected part. With a network of reliable partners, Metalcast Group can satisfy customers' requests for surface treatments, machining and finishing of die cast parts. In fact, customers offer prefer commissioning these finishing activities from the manufacturer, to speed up processing times, to have a single reference point, avoiding the need to follow each step in person directly.

From the design to the finished product – everything from a single source!

- Synergy, efficiency and professionalism at your service -

Why choose Metalcast Group?

Metalcast Group can:

  • bolster your process of industrialization;
  • guarantee the quality of raw materials and the reliability of process and supply;
  • ensure speed and flexibility to respond to any changes in our customer’s needs or in the event of urgent unexpected demands;
  • supply at the right price in terms of the balance between cost, reliability, quality and service;
  • offer good relationship skills, with timely and regular communication to meet the needs of our customers and to address any critical issues that might arise.

Products are subject to seal tests and other testing to verify the mechanical properties and functional characteristics.

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